Welcome to Downhill Cellars
Wine made in small batches, a fanatical attention to detail, and a passionate love of winemaking, That's what Downhill wines are all about. From the meticulous evaluation and review of each vineyard source, to the intense intricacies of the fermentation, to the choice of oak barrels, our goal is to coax the best wine that each cluster of grapes has to offer.
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About the Winemaker
Frank spent over 20 years operating a cutting edge specialty retail company in the South Bay area. During this "uphill climb" of building a thriving business, he spearheaded many concepts in the natural foods grocery business. Having sold this business, Frank is now enjoying the exhilaration of the "Downhill" ride - the fun part after all the hard work of climbing up the hill!

Along with making delicious small batches of wine, Frank also consults in the specialty food industry as well as in the wine business. He is an active leader in the Slow Food movement, loves to cook and entertain, and is always ready for a party.

Franks approach to winemaking involves developing close working relationships with his growers to ensure getting the very best choice of grapes. Once he has the best fruit he can get, his meticulous attention to detail coaxes the very best those grapes have to offer.

Downhill Wines reflect the unique territory where they were born. He invites you to taste and see, and experience the joy of coasting Downhill, and sharing Downhill Wines with friends and family.

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